Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal To Sell Your Riverside CA Home

Dated: 05/25/2018

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By Brian Bean & Tim Hardin

With the spring/summer real estate market now underway, here are some tips to make your Riverside, CA,home stand out from the crowd and attract a great buyer:


First things first: Make sure your front yard looks great.

Mow and edge the grass, pull the weeds, and trim bushes and trees. And don’t forget to trim the hedges. Place colorful, new annuals in the flower beds. Even small flower pots can spruce up the front and make your home stand out on the block.

Also, make sure to remove cobwebs from the high corners of the house or around plants – you don’t want to make a buyer think the home has deferred maintenance.

And get rid of the clutter – garbage cans, kids’ toys and gardening tools should be stowed in the garage or behind fences.

Hiring a gardener, even for a short period of time, is a great investment.

Strategic Painting

There is no better return on your investment than to paint your house. The refreshening, along with the opportunity to use trendy colors, may cost a few thousand dollars, but it contributes to a faster sale and higher offers.

However, if you don’t have the money to paint the entire house, consider an alternative: Repair and paint the trim and wood fascia. You can spruce up your home with vibrant colors while at the same time taking care of necessary repairs from sun damage, wood rot or even termites.

Sitting Area

Set up an outdoor loveseat or a pair or rocking chairs to show off your friendly, homey abode.

Even if space is limited at the front, an attractive sitting area with just a small table and chairs can help prospective buyers picture themselves enjoying their new home and their new neighborhood.

The Driveway

Big, ugly oily stains on your driveway will draw attention away from the beauty of your home.

You can find products to remedy the problem at your local hardware store. With a little elbow grease and perhaps an acid wash, your driveway and walkways will look brand-new again.

Front Door

Finally, many people forget about the most important piece of their curb appeal: the front door.

Oxidized paint, scuffs and general wear and tear can do their damage over the years. But the front door is the buyer’s first hands-on impression of your home.

Paint and a new lockset are quick, easy and inexpensive.

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